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14th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement Successfully Ended

Source: CBMA

Date: October 19, 2015

On the afternoon of October 16, the 14th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement (ICCC), jointly hosted by China Building Materials Academy and the Chinese Ceramic Society, came to a close in Beijing International Convention Center.

The Congress received acclaims for its efficiency and order from participants both home and abroad, demonstrating China as a country with power and ability. Yao Yan, Chairlady of ICCC 2015, fulfilled the commitment she made when they succeeded in the bid 4 years ago— to make the Congress a grand gathering.

1,059 representatives from 46 countries and regions attended the Congress, with over 500 international representatives, marking the most populous meeting since the birth of ICCC in 1918. There were 25 keynote speakers and 24 invited speakers in 8 main venues and 24 branch venues. The reports summarized the research progress and tendency since the ICCC 2011. Recent researches in cement and concrete were reflected in detail with 198 presentations and 453 posters. Well-prepared Chinese representatives won credits from all participants for the presentations and posters. They not only demonstrated the new progresses of China in the field of cement and concrete, but also exhibited the good spiritual appearance and innovative working condition of China’s science and technology workers.

To commend the scientists who made sustaining and outstanding contributions to cement and concrete science, ICCC 2015 presented the Award for Outstanding Contributions. The winners were Fred Glasser from the U.K., Surendra P. Shah from the U.S., Folker H. Wittmann from Germany, Nagataki Shigeyoshi from Japan, Tang Mingshu and Sunwei from China. In the closing ceremony, Award winners Mr. Shah and Mr. Wittmann made academic reports, sharing with younger scientists around the world their academic careers. Mr. Shah talked about how his creative drive emerged and where inspiration came from; Mr. Wittmann looked into the future of cement and concrete science.

Awards for Best Poster and Best Student Presentation were also given. Mrs. Yao handed the certificates and awards to the winners. The Award for Best Presentations went to Delphine Marchon from ETH Zürich, Mickael SAILLIO from University of Paris-Est and Wang Qianqian from Nanjing Tech University. Member of ICCC International Scientific Committee, Professor at EPFL and Editor-in-Chief of the famous journal Cement and Concrete Research Mrs. Karen Scrivener handed the certificates and awards for Best Poster to the winners.

Hosting countries of ICCC are determined through bidding and electing. An electoral commission was organized during the meeting to choose the next hosting country. With solemnity, the ICCC 2019 was declared to be held in Czech. A hosting certificate was given to the Czechic organizers.

During the meeting the international representatives were invited to China Building Materials Academy, Beijing Cement Plant and Three Gorges Corporation Beijing Headquarters, which demonstrated China’s cement production, research and application. 5 technology committee meetings of International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures (RILEM), and two editorial committee meetings of Cement and Concert Research and Journal of Sustainable Cement-based Materials were held at the same time.

All representations, posters and papers focused on the topic of “Low Carbon and Green Development”. Topics like clinker chemistry and cement hydration are based on how to further the effect the components of cement, to promote the harmony between structure and performance; supplementary cementations materials were discussed to launch the research into new low-carbon materials, and to develop non-traditional materials other than Portland cement; topics like admixtures, durability and performance testing were to study in depth the effects and mechanisms of the admixtures and the durability of concrete under the co-influence of both exterior and interior factors, integrating the systematic thinking and the standard applicability and considering in perspectives from preparation to application, and finally proposing some new quick testing methods at the same time.

The Congress was held against a background when the economy of China entered its Now Normal, and cement industry encountered its overcapacity as well as transformation and upgrading. The participants believed that the Congress will promote cement and concrete research, and the green development, transformation and upgrading of the industry.


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