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Pakistani Guests Visited and Exchanged Opinions at PYCUCC

Source: PYCUCC

Date: May 12, 2015

On May 10, a delegation of a Pakistani cement company, which was led by its president Mr. Shava, visited the cogeneration project at China United Cement Pingyi (PYCUCC) with the companion of related personnel of Shanghai Triumph Energy Conservation Engineering Co., Ltd.(STECCN) These Pakistani guests were warmly welcomed by Mr. Yu Guangmin, General Manager of PYCUCC, Mr. Zhang Jinzhuo, Deputy General Manager of PYCUCC, Mr. Sun Chuanyi, Chairman of the Trade Union of PYCUCC, and principals of related departments.

In a harmonious atmosphere, both sides introduced such information of their own respectively as project construction, production and operation, cement process, staffing, capacity size, operating index of cogeneration, etc. After that, guided by the accompanying personnel of PYCUCC, the Pakistani guests visited such sites successively as the central control room, cogenerator room, kiln boiler, etc., carefully checked technical parameters related to cogeneration, and discussed such technical issues as energy consumption, technical improvement, etc. with accompanying personnel. The delegation led by Mr. Shava spoke highly of the overall image, environmental management, sanitary conditions at the working sites, technologies of cogeneration, and efficient operation of PYCUCC. The meticulous spirit and practical attitude of these Pakistani guests also impressed PYCUCC deeply.

STECCN is the main contractor of the 9MW pure low-temperature cogeneration project of PYCUCC, the construction of which was started in October, 2010 with a total investment of RMB 51.5 million. On September 26, 2011, the first grid-connected power generation was successfully conducted. In 2014, the average generating capacity per ton clinker was over 37.1 KW?h, which was at a leading position in both the system of China United Cement and the industry, spoke volumes for the successful design and construction of project, and demonstrated the solid and efficient management of cogeneration.


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