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CBMA invites world-famous scholars to lecture, delivers guest professor appointment ceremony

On February 17, China Building Materials Academy (CBMA) delivered a ceremony to appoint five foreign scholars including Harald Justnes as guest professors and an academic exchange at the State Key Laboratory of Green Building Materials. Yao Yan, president of China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM); Cui Qi, president of CBMA; Prof. Karen Scrivener of école polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne; Prof. Harald Justnes, chief scientist of Stiftelsen for industriell og teknisk forskning; Prof. Duncan Herfort, chief scientist of Aalborg Portland, Denmark; Prof. Shunsuke Hanehara of Iwate University; Prof. Etsuo Sakai of Tokyo Institute of Technology; Prof. Olafur Wallevik, head of Basic Research at Innovation Center Iceland and Li Juan, deputy director of the UNIDO International Center for Materials Technology Promotion.

Harald Justnes, Olafur Wallevik, Duncan Herfort, Shunsuke Hanehara and Etsuo Sakai are all world-famous scholars accomplished in the cement concrete field. To promote international exchange and cooperation and become a world top institution, CBMA appointed the five experts as guest professors. Yao presented letters of appointment to them and posed with them for a group photo.

In the ensuing academic exchange, Prof. Karen Scrivener made a presentation entitled "Research on Dynamics Mechanism of Cement Hydration Control after the Induction Period", expounding the hydration process and products of the calcined clay-limestone composite system. Prof. Harald Justnes made a presentation entitled "Effect of Supplementary Cementing Materials on Concrete Durability--Research on Physical and Chemical Principles", reviewing the physical properties of concrete with supplementary cementing constituents like limestone such as carbonization resistance, chloride ion permeability resistance and sulfate corrosion resistance. Prof. Duncan Herfort made a presentation entitled "Clinker Formation Thermodynamics and Cement Hydration", reviewing clinker sintering and cement hydration with a ternary phase diagram. Prof. Etsuo Sakai made a presentation entitled "Use Sodium Gluconate for Control and Content Determination of Cement Hydration in Recycled Fresh Concrete Mortar", analyzing cement mortar recycling and hydration control in the process of fresh concrete production.

CBMA's over 80 researchers and postgraduates listened to the academic presentations, exchanging ideas with the world-famous scholars on research projects they were concerned about.

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