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South Cement Ceremoniously Markets the “Nanfang” Brand

Source: CNBM Time: 10:58:49, July 13, 2011

With high attentions from the market, South Cement, through more than three years of joint restructuring and management integration, achieved a leap-forward development from a new business to a large-scale enterprise with production capacity of more than 100 million tons and market coverage of six provinces and one municipality. At present, South Cement again becomes the spotlight of the market because the company ceremoniously marketed the “Nanfang” brand at its half-year work conference that was convened at the beginning of July.

During the inception of its foundation, South Cement, directed by China’s Building Materials Strategy, steadily boosted the brand construction work, and it made definite the “Company Brand First, Product Brand Second” overall development route. Within four years, South Cement vastly improved its market shares, influential power, and reputation, as well as speedily grew into China’s second largest cement group with a market covering six provinces and one municipality (i.e., Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Hunan, and Guangxi). Along with the company development, “South Cement” is bound to become a famous name in the industry and even in the world.


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